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We are located in the center of Santander, one of the 32 Colombian departments, an amazing and beautiful town called Barichara. It is a place where the peace for mind and relaxation mixes with the colonial environment and architecture to make a perfect touristy spot. A perfect balance between luxury, relaxation and rest in the same place.

Additionally, the variety and diversity of activities you can find here make this place a unique magical and unforgettable experience.

Our amenities and hotel were intentionally planned and designed thinking about you. Every detail here has been thought about in order to offer you a unique and extremely comfortable experience that we call "The Amanee experience". We also offer wifi, fire spots, wooden oven, a swimming pool, parking spaces, security, 24 hrs front desk and tons of activities and unforgettable experiences.

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History of Barichara

This town is well known for its colonial architecture and buildings from the late 18th century. The historic area was declared Colombian cultural heritage through the edict 1654 of 1978. The municipality is commonly known as "the prettiest town in Colombia.

Here you will find historical buildings, classical churches, incredible viewpoints to see the magnificence of the Chicamocha canyon, parks, nature, handcrafts and local art rooms, royal architecture and old classical streets. With a huge variety of delicious gastronomy, great local and authentic shops and a town that preserves the historical architecture based on the traditional construction with clay and stones.

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